Our Massage Program

If you are sincerely interested in a future assisting others achieve a greater level of physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being, if you want to learn how to provide massage & body therapy using the most effective techniques, earn a great income, and if you want to give yourself the greatest opportunity for success, Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapies is yourBEST choice for professional massage& spa therapy education.

Massage Mastery Licensing Program

The state of Texas requires a minimum 500-hour course of instruction for licensure as a massage therapist including the following subjects: Massage Therapy Technique, Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Health & Hygiene, CPR & First Aid, Hydrotherapy, Business Practices, Professional Ethics and Massage Therapy Law and a Clinical Internship. This coursework is fundamental to providing effective massage therapy to the public and preparing you for your licensing examination. The program offered at Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapies is 570 hours. Included in this program, you will learn clinical massage therapy to help clients who suffer from tension headaches, low back pain, and various other common pain complaints. Finally, you will learn how to effectively provide various spa therapies such as body wraps, body scrubs, massage therapy facials, and many other popular spa therapies!

Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapies offers the most innovative, comprehensive massage program available. What we teach is what is in demand and the most effective. Our program includes the following core subjects:

Massage Technique

200 Hours

This subject allows us to teach the art of massage therapy. We begin with basic Swedish Massage strokes and gradually work students into providing a wonderful relaxing massage. Additionally, we incorporate our trademark MyoCentrix method of massage from day one. The goal of this subject is to impart the science and art of massage therapy to every student to provide a relaxing massage, taking into account the fact that every client is an individual and has individual needs in their massage. In addition, you will also learn effective spa and clinical massage therapies:

Spa Therapies

From the Day Spa to the Destination Spa, consumer demand for massage therapy is on the rise. This rapidly growing market requires that massage therapists be well versed and well educated on the popular treatments that are in the greatest demand. If your desire is to work in a spa environment or offer spa therapies, Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapies will prepare you for the greatest employment and income opportunities.

The Massage Mastery Program at Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapies combines valuable information along with great, fun, hands-on training and practical application of services to the public, where students provide the latest and most popular spa body treatments offered in spas today.

Clinical Massage

MYOCENTRIX is what we call our Clinical Massage. The concepts, knowledge, and techniques taught are exclusive to Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapies and, when applied correctly, have helped literally thousands of people alleviate their aches and pains.

MYOCENTRIX is taught as part of the Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapies Massage Mastery Program. This approach combines the perfect blend of the most effective soft tissue therapies: Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, and our proprietary MYOCENTRIX method of Massage to resolve the aches and pains of so many in society today. MYOCENTRIX covers the science and background of soft tissue pain - Myofascial Trigger Points - and provides specific techniques for reducing or eliminating common pain syndromes such as: Headaches, Low Back Pain, TMJ Dysfunction, “sciatica”, and many others.

At Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapies, we are convinced that MYOCENTRIX is the missing link in pain management. You will be amazed at the results you will be able to achieve applying our methods.

Health & Hygiene, CPR & First Aid

20 Hours

Students will study and understand indications and contraindications to massage, the effects of stress, the benefits of massage, the importance of proper body mechanics, disease recognition and understanding, and the importance of good personal hygiene practices.

Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology

125 Hours

Understanding the structure and function of the human body with an emphasis on the muscular and skeletal systems is of utmost importance for the skilled massage therapist. We utilize animated video, exercises, and class projects to help students better comprehend the structure and function of the human body. Additionally, our customized textbooks are specifically designed for students of massage therapy and correspond with full-color, animated presentations used in class.


20 Hours

Students will learn to use hydrotherapy in a safe and effective manner through demonstrations and hands-on practice. Types of hydrotherapy to be discussed include: whirlpool, hot and cold packs, paraffin, steam, body wraps, body scrubs, and facials.

Business Practices & Professional Ethics

45 Hours

From advertising practices to maintaining your zeal for massage therapy, this dynamic and insightful course will equip you to build a massage practice you can be proud of and in which you can enjoy. In addition, we will discuss in detail the scope of practice for massage therapy, laws pertaining to massage therapy and all businesses in general.


40 Hours

Pathology is the study of human disease and the effects of the disease. This information is important to the massage therapist because there are conditions where massage would require caution or perhaps not recommended.

Clinical Internship

120 Hours

This portion of the program allows you to put all the classroom theory into real practice.  We believe strongly that the learning truly is in the doing.  Your clinical internship will be the most rewarding part of your massage therapy education. You will complete internship in our Spa, providing massage & spa services to our very well established clientele.




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